Technical Drawing For Fashion Design

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TECHNICAL DRAWINGS FOR FASHION DESIGN shows the basics of making a technical drawing. First, the standard format and tools are introduced. This is followed by step-by-step instructions on how to draw a number of different types of garments. The book then shows how textiles are rendered in technical drawings and how individual style can be added to the drawings. A large portion of this book, however, is devoted to an extensive collection of high-quality, ready-made technical drawings that are ready for you to use or to adapt to meet your needs. All of these drawings of women’s garments – ranging from underwear to trench coats – are also included on the accompanying CD

It allows you to visually play with design lines and features without the need to make costly samples. Good quality technical drawings are imperative for the industry, yet many people struggle with their drawing abilities and often lack confidence in their skills. Moreover, it's easy to create and manage your own fashion templates with the drawing tools.

Fold the paper in half and draw the reflection by tracing the original drawing. Definition: Fashion Flat sketches, also called Fashion flats or flat drawings, technical flats, or just "flats" in the fashion industry, are a black and white fashion technical drawing that shows a garment as if it were laid flat to display all seams, topstitching, hardware, and any other design details. Flat Fashion Sketches: Fashion Flats or Garment Technical Drawings For Fashion Design Inspiration Or As Templates For Fashion Sketching. Compre online Technical Drawing for Fashion Design - Volume 1, de Suhner, Alexandra na Amazon.