Gente Hoy 3 - Libro Del Alumno + CD

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Ernesto Martín Peris Ernesto Martín Peris
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Gente Hoy is divided into 6 Sections within each unit:Log In: Get closer to the themes and vocabulary of the unit through images, interesting readings and a video, activating the knowledge you may have learned earlier and broadening your understanding of the objectives and themes of the unit.Video: A video at the start of each unit introduces the theme, or acts as a teaching complement throughout the unit. (Available online)In Context: A series of documents (Images, written and oral texts) to develop a student's comprehension and bring them closer to the thematic and linguistic content of the unit.Forms and Resources: Tips to bring attention ot grammatical aspects (both form and use). The linguistic resources that the student will most often use appear as an easily referenced column in the centre of the page. Tasks: Realistic and significant tasks from the point of view of the communicative processes that generate real life tasks: Solve a problem, exchange information, agree with colleagues, or cooperatively create a product, either in small groups or as a class.World in Contact: Information and tips to reflect both on spanish-speaking culture and your own. Includes texts with cultural and anthropological value: daily life, social aspects, history, art, literature etc.Grammatical Consultation: A simple, clear collection of all the grammatical contents that appear in the book, ordered by unit. A practical consultive resource that empowers the students' autonomy. Complete with a handy verbal conjugation chart.

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