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Next Move is an innovative, seven-level print and digital series in American English. This exciting new edition of Next Stop, will build on Next Stop's strong concept that has proved so popular with all our key markets. The learning journey coincides with the cultural journey as children progress to a better understanding of themselves, their culture and the world in which they live. Next Move will continue to welcome the children aboard a language-learning and cultural journey to build not only their language awareness, but also their cross-cultural awareness. Thorough language work is applied in a variety of content-rich contexts. The new series offers both print and digital components for students and teachers. The printed materials are complemented by an interactive phonics program, sing-a-long versions of songs, projectable posters, animated grammar presentations and a test builder.

Fique por dentro de todos os nossos super descontos e novidades! Next Move 4 Workbook PACK By Barraclough Carolyn; et al. Descripción: Crystal-clear methodology and structure make the course easy to teach while providing students with clear and accessible goals.

Escribe tu opinión. Libros de Texto y Formación Educación secundaria Resumen Next Move: British English 4 Levels A1 - B1 Your teenage students ideal guide for their language learning journey with its carefully structured, multi-level approach.