The Redeemer

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The Redeemer is the fourth book in translation by Jo Nesbo and he captures our imagination with this book by bringing us readers into the storyline twelve years prior to the main plot. We start with the rape of a fourteen year old girl that takes place at a Salvation Army summer camp in Norway. Although we know there was a rape we are not given clues who committed this act or disclosure of the victim. In a second separate event we are also given the story of a young Croatian boy caught up in history of Croatia and it's political cruelties his known by others as the little redeemer.

And there are places I've wished I could be Battles I've wanted to win Dreams that have slipped through my hands I may never be back again. But I'm still a dreamer A believer Oh, I lost my faith in so many things But I still believe in You Cuz You ... WELCOME HOME… Two words that for most of us convey a sense of warmth, understanding, familiarity, and most importantly, a sense of love & belonging.

This results in the ball initially sliding the first few feet of its path until friction with the grass causes the ball to roll. The Redeemer is one of two unique Mighty Scepters from Diablo II.. As its name implies, the Redeemer gives a large boost to Redemption, a fairly useful ability for Paladins with ineffective Prayer or Meditation auras.