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Schwartz,Evan I.
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Webonomics, n: the study of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods, services, and ideas over the World Wide Web.With tens of millions of people now on-line and Web sites springing up at the rate of one per minute, the World Wide Web has become a strategic tool for successfully growing a business. But while the new digital economy mirrors the traditional economy in some ways, it exhibits unique properties of its own, and it can cost a business thousands, even millions, of dollars if used ineffectively.In Webonomics, Evan I. Schwartz defines the principles and strategies for maximizing the Web's potential and illustrates these lessons with numerous case studies of both successes and failures, from Web-based start-ups such as Firefly and Virtual Vineyards to large corporations such as IBM and Federal Express. At a time when only the most agile and adaptable businesses can survive, Webonomics is an essential handbook for thriving amidst the accelerating changes of theInformation Age.

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Using numerous case studies of corporations such as IBM, Volvo, Playboy Enterprises, and ... Webonomics is a web and software development company that offers Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Search Engine Optimization and Branding Services in India, Australia, USA, UK, Europe, South Africa and Worldwide. Agricultura & Alimentação; Construção; Educação, Formação e Organizações; Energia, Ambiente; Indústria Elétrica, Eletrónica e Ótica; Lazer e Turismo The must-read summary of Evan Schwartz's book: "Webonomics: Nine Essential Principles for Growing Your Business on the World Wide Web".This complete summary of the ideas from Evan Schwartz's book "Webonomics" presents a strategy for delivering business principles and strategies for successful internet-based commerce. Advertising Webonomics 101 Not someday, today - advertising on the Web makes economic sense. You just have to forget everything you ever learned about the business. Trying to make money on the Internet is akin to searching for cold fusion.