Welcome to TAGR!

The Rochester Transgender Organization was founded circa 1997 with two Saturday meetings monthly held at the Gay Alliance Community Center, which at the time was located on Elton Street in the Neighborhood of the Arts.

As the founder outgrew the organization, the new leadership renamed it the Rochester Transgender Group (RTG), citing the group’s lack of formal organization. The name was retained through 2010. Meetings were changed to one Saturday and one Wednesday evening each month to improve the availability. Since we have opened our doors, the group’s continued operation can be attributed to the effort of many people who have cared so much and helped in so many ways.

Over the years, the group has been enhanced and redirected as needed by the community. Today, we realize that as trans* issues and trans* people are becoming more visible in the media and more out in our communities almost daily, we need to have a structure and vision so we can be the leading organization for the trans* community of Rochester. For the first time in our eighteen year history, we have organization, education, and a set of bylaws. This allows us to provide the vital education, support, resources, and advocacy for trans* individuals and our families and our allies, in the broader Rochester and beyond community now and into our own Trans* far future.


Contact us at tagrny@tagrny.org or (585)340-7408


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