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Lanie Goodman
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From a chic and sophisticated Parisian pied-à-terre owned by an acclaimed musician to an authentically restored Alpine ski lodge, from a grand château filled with antiques collected by generations of the same family to writer Marcel Pagnol’s beach cottage in St Tropez, Romantic French Homes presents a stunning selection of homes, most of which have never been photographed before. Author Lanie Goodman has gathered a collection of 14 amazing properties which sum up all that is French and romantic, from the city streets of Paris to Mégève in the French Alps, from the windswept coast of Normandy, to the heart of Provence and the sun-baked shores of the Riviera. There are classic country houses which have been in the same family for generations, tiny boltholes, city apartments, quirky seaside homes, and more. Each home has its own individual character, reflecting the people who live there and their passions. The book is divided into four chapters: Châteaux which covers castles, châteaux, grand country houses, and town houses; Bastides which features old manors and farmhouses; Maisons Bohemes which includes bohemian artist’s, writer’s, and seaside homes; and Paysannes and Pavilions, which focuses on small and simple, thrifty and humble town houses and country houses. With stunning photography capturing the grandeur, charm and mystery of these properties, their romance and sense of history shine through.

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